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Red Rabbit Automation
3604 Glendora Road
New Troy, MI 49119
Phone: (833)733-7222

Red Rabbit Automation specializes in delivering complete industrial automated systems that are capable of completing a manufacturing process or series of processes with minimal human interaction. Cost-effective solutions for small to medium sized manufacturers, industrial robotic automation increases both productivity and efficiency.

Our comprehensive automation services include design, build, implementation, service and repair of our systems that include in-line gauging, in-line assembly machines and other loT related processes.

Advantages of Industrial Automation Systems

Our automation solutions are effective in that a newly-designed cell reduces a number of processes and liabilities in manufacturing. From a reduction in labor requirements, increased production and decreased part defects to cutting labor costs and creating a safer work environment, Red Rabbit Automation is committed to maintaining and servicing our systems to ensure our clients experience the maximum benefit from their cellular manufacturing system.

The Red Rabbit team brings a broad understanding of automated manufacturing systems and how individual components work together to streamline processes. We have extensive experience incorporating the following capabilities into customized automation solutions for our clients.

To find out more about our customized industrial automation solutions, contact Red Rabbit Automation or give us a call at 833-733-7222 to discuss your manufacturing automation needs.

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