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Expander Rings

Royal Rubber
500 W. Chippewa Ave.
South Bend, IN 46514
Phone: (574)291-6440

Royal Rubber Company is a complete rubber manufacturer, providing a full line of customized rubber products for a wide variety of industries and applications

Welcoming small, medium or large volume orders, Royal Rubber's parts and components play a key role in the military, appliance, automotive and general industries that keep manufacturing around the world going strong.

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Band Saw Tires
Custom Rubber Products
Expander Rings
Extruded Rubber
Industrial Rubber Products
Lathe Cut Rubber
Lathe Cut Rubber
Molded Rubber Products
Rubber Die Cutting and Water-Jet Cutting
Rubber Gaskets & Seals
Rubber Manufacturing
Rubber Rollers
Rubber Rollers
Rubber to Metal Bonding