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The Walkerton Area Shopper
612 Roosevelt Road
Walkerton, IN 46574

The Walkerton Area Shopper is an advertisement tabloid that has been serving local communities since 1972. The owners are Walkerton residents Michael and Kelly who felt that the paper was not only an opportunity to have a lucrative business, but that it was also a way to become further involved in the local communities.

Your Country Connection, The Walkerton Shopper is a big believer in supporting small business. So rather than driving to the "big city" for our shopping, we would often utilize our local communities and discovered that most anything can be found locally," stated Michael Tutino.

They deliver to 4 different counties which cover 9 towns and over 14 rural routes and their website allows visitors to place a Classified Mini-Ad as well as place an Advertisement Ad.

The Walkerton Area Shopper is meant to connect our local communities and to instill a prideful feeling in each of our local residents as they choose to do their shopping locally.

Check out this week’s paper or contact the Walkerton Shopper for more information today!

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