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ID and Go
PO Box 52276
Mesa, AZ 85208
Phone: (480) 984-3949

ID and GO Luggage Accessories, LLC are a solution to help you pick your bag out of the crowd. Our luggage stickers can be chosen from our growing catalog of images or personalized with an image that you provide us. Our catalog includes aviation images, animals and flowers.

With our stickers attached to your bag, you can easily identify your bag as it comes down the conveyor or around the carousel and the come in handy when you are able to observe the loading or unloading of your luggage from the plane, train or bus. You can remain confident that the luggage in hand really is yours.

If your luggage ever ends up in the lost luggage area (we don’t wish this on anyone!), having your personalized ID and GO luggage sticker on your bag allows you to add a level of identification by being able to describe this unique feature on your bag.

IDandGo is a family-owned business located in Mesa, Arizona and our luggage stickers are American made and easy to apply.

For more information about our luggage decals contact us today!

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