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Loose Needle Rollers

Loose Needle Roller - Unvervsal Bearings LLC
431 North Birkey Drive
Bremen, IN 46506
Toll Free: 800-824-7743

Universal Bearings is a worldwide supplier of high-volume, precision engineered and manufactured loose needle rollers and needle bearings. Their bearings are used in a wide range of applications including transmissions, engines, transfer cases, universal joints, CV joints, starter drives, pumps, torque converters, compressors, cam followers, timer motors and others.

Universal Bearings services a wide variety of automotive markets including automobiles, light truck, heavy truck, agricultural vehicles, and industrial construction machinery and their extensive engineering experience equips them with the capability to design a loose needle roller or needle bearing based upon your specifications.

Contact Universal Bearings and see for yourself why they are a world-class bearing manufacturer of loose needle and needle bearing products

Bearing Manufacturer – Universal Bearings LLC
Loose Needle Rollers - Universal Bearings LLC