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P.O. Box 428
Mishawaka, IN 46546
Toll Free: 800-837-8368

Cor-A-Vent, Inc, manufactures ventilation products to protect your home from damaging moisture and they have manufactured their roof ventilation products for over 35 years.

Their roof ventilation products include ridge vents, hip vents, our very own Roof-2-Wall Vents, the IN-Vent, the purlin vent for metal roofs and the Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent.

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Roof Vents
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SV-3 Siding Vent

Roof Vent by Cor-A-Vent, Inc.
P.O. Box 428
Mishawaka, IN 46546-0428
Phone: 800-837-8368

From the bottom of your siding to the peak of your roof, Cor-A-Vent has been manufacturing roof vents for over 35 years to protect homes from damaging moisture without the use of fans or any moving parts.

Cor-A-Vent continues its tradition of being the Leader in Innovative Rooftop Ventilation by providing roof vents for residential and light commercial buildings up to 60 feet wide and they offer a variety of performance options, it's easy to match one of their roof vents to meet your specific needs.

On difficult or unusual roof vent applications, Cor-A-Vents inside sales staff has over 100 years of combined roof ventilation and construction experience at the disposal of their customers, ready to provide factory assistance and recommendations.

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Roof Vent