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Wire Harnesses

Wire Harnesses comprise a range of cable and wire harness product capabilities including cut and stripped wire, complex wire harnesses, ribbon cable assemblies and coaxial cable assemblies.
Assembly Masters, Inc.
56624 Elk Park Drive
Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone: 574-293-9026
Assembly Masters is located in Elkhart, Indiana - the heartland of the Midwest. We are proud to call this our home and welcome your visit. In 2006 we moved into a newer, well-equipped wire harness manufacturing facility that will allow us to grow and discover new business opportunities.
Air Core Inductors / Air Coils
Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Complex Wire Harnesses
Contract Manufacturing
Custom Bobbin-Wound Coils
Discrete Wire Assemblies
Formed Power Cables
Military Spec. Cables
Multi-Conductor Cable Assemblies
Power/Battery Cable Assemblies
Printed Circuit Board Jumpers
Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Toroidal Inductors
Toroidal Transformers
Wire and Cable Assemblies
Wire and Cable Assembly Manufacturer
Wire Harnesses

Wire Harness Manufacturers